Wednesday, July 23, 2014

it was such an honor to make my friend's wedding bouquet! she wanted it with the wedding colors and made out of paper, but left the rest up to us. before starting, we searched pinterest for some interesting ideas and stumbled upon lia griffith. ♥ the paper flowers there are amazing!

we printed out the template and traced it onto the colored paper.

we tried to follow the steps for the most part,

but found that it was easier to skip around at times.

we had some green pipe cleaners, which were perfect for the stems.

in order to give variety to the bouquet, we made about three types of flowers using five different colors. and also made quite a few flowers so that the bouquet would look full.

the idea of silver flowers didn't fly, so silver fillers were used instead. sequins were also glued to cover the center of the flowers. and i dusted the paper with fine glitter, just because.

the bouquet had a hard time staying in shape, so we made a circle out of cardstock to hold it in place-- then used painter's tape to wrap the stems.

afterward we wrapped it again with silver tape-- so much easier than with ribbons.

and here's the finished product!

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